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Music!  It's the first thing couples think about when they think about hiring a  DJ.  And while music selection and programming is a very important part of your Celebration... pushing play on Love  Shack or Bruno Mars is the least important think that will happen at your Reception.

There are so many other factors.  As your guide... I will help you every step of the way.  We'll start off with a tour of your individual Online Planning Suite, which you can access any time you want.  

Together, we'll build a step-by-step plan for your Ceremony.  Who's going to walk with who... which songs will create just the right moment.  What "Goosebump" moments can we produce to make it a memorable event for you and your guests.

From there we'll start planning the Reception.  The perfect Cocktail music to reflect your style.  An Introduction of the Bridal Party that will have everyone talking.  The ideal music to accompany your meal. A First Dance that will tug at their Heartstrings... and Father/Daughter & Mother/Son Dances that won't leave a "Dry Eye" in the house!  

And of course... the BEST Dance Music to keep everyone partying 'til closing time!